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Anthony Mesisco
Computer Scientist x Digital Nomad

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I'm a computer scientist and digital nomad with over 20 years of experience specializing in brand and business development. Through my expertise in technology, strategic planning, and consumer behavior, I've helped numerous companies thrive in today's dynamic marketplace. Join me as we explore the limitless possibilities of technology, unravel the secrets of building powerful brands, and delve into the fascinating world of business development. Let's connect, collaborate, and inspire each other to reach new heights!

Core Knowledge

Resume x CV

Experience & Education

I am deeply committed to staying current and up-to-date in my field, continuously renewing my certifications every 1-3 years or as industry changes require. In addition, I possess numerous certifications that are not yet listed on my resume. This unwavering dedication to professional development enables me to bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to any role I undertake.

Cheif Technology Officer

Modern Creations (2010 - 2021) NYC

Was an American brand identity experience agency proficient in viral internet & print marketing from 2003 to 2021.

  • Built and managed the internet services department and associated infrastructure.
  • Oversaw all client projects and teams related to internet services.
  • Handled all technical hires and related outside contractors.
  • Built companies websites and intranet.

Community Manager

Discord (2019 - Present) San Francisco, CA.

VoIP instant messaging and digital distribution platform designed for creating digital communities. discord.com

  • Official Discord Community Developer & Manager (DMP)
  • Official Certified Discord Moderator (CDM).
  • Assisting Discord Corporate when needed with professional server development, training and  management services for major brands & events.
  • Recent projects include the Chicago Bulls (NBA), Sacramento Kings (NBA), DEFCON (Hacking Conference), VMA (MTV), Wyclef Jean (Artist), MC Jin (Artist), and more.

Community Manager

Vnice Skateboards (2022 - Present) Venice Beach, CA

Decentralized Skateboard manufacturing company operating in the web 3.0 space.

  • Discord server development & management



Please note that this section is currently undergoing updates and may not fully encompass the breadth of work I have accomplished throughout the years.

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